Night Skies in the Joel N. Bloom Observatory

Visitors stargaze through The Franklin Institute's Zeiss telescope during Night Skies in the Joel M. Bloom Observatory

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

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Join us for an evening of out-of-this-world astronomy activities hosted by Franklin Institute Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts.

Build your own experience from any combination of planetarium shows, a live science talk on astronomy, hands-on astronomy activities, and continuous telescopic observing all evening (weather permitting). The program is staffed with knowledgeable observers, and free star maps are provided.

Visit the cash bar in the 5th floor ‘Starlight Lounge’, make Night Vision Pins to take home with you, and check out live feeds form the International Space Station and the Mars Curiosity Rover with commentary from Franklin Institute Educators.  

This Month’s Guest Speaker – Professor John Bochanski

John Bochanski is a professor of Physics and Computer Science at Rider University where he specializes in using large observational surveys to study the formation and evolution of spiral galaxies. By studying the Milky Way’s most abundant and longest living stars, known as red dwarfs, as well as the more rare red giants, Bochanski’s research is teaching us more about the birth and lifecycle of galaxies like our own. Professor Bochenski will discuss what his findings mean in terms of rethinking current theories on spiral galaxies and how we can use large-scale observational surveys as tools for new astronomical discoveries. To read more about Professor Bochanski and his current research visit his website, here.

Planetarium Schedule:

7:15 pm - The Sky Tonight

8:15 pm – “OpenSpace” Data Visualization Demonstration 

9:15 pm - The Sky Tonight


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