2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

Monday, August 21, 2017 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Franklin Hall, Jordan Lobby, Fels Planetarium, Winter St. Park

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Experience the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse with Philadelphia’s premier science institution! 

On Monday, August 21st, Philadelphia will turn its eyes to the skies to view a partial solar eclipse. In celebration of this astronomical event, The Franklin Institute’s team of expert science educators will be on hand at the museum to help you safely experience the eclipse through a variety of viewing methods and learn about why this event is so remarkable.

Solar eclipse-related programming will take place starting at 12 noon in the Fels Planetarium, Franklin Hall and even along Winter Street, where museum guests will have the opportunity to build a safe solar viewer and learn about astronomy. This event will culminate in the viewing of the partial solar eclipse, which, in the Philadelphia region, will reach a maximum of about 80% coverage at 2:44 pm.

Note: Philadelphia is not within the narrow band of the United States stretching from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total solar eclipse on August 21. In order to safely experience this event you will need a certified solar viewer or an indirect observation method (Click here find instructions on how to make one such viewer). Even with up to 80% coverage, Philadelphia will not experience many more easily observable effects from the eclipse such as darkening of the sky.


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