Science After Hours

Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

2nd Floor

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Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes it feels good to be bad. There’s nothing like the rush we feel when we break our own rules or defy social protocol. Whether your idea of a guilty pleasure is going on an all-out ice cream binge or playing hooky from work and lying in bed all day, this night you’ll experience a judgment-free zone! We’re all guilty of guilty pleasures and this is the night to embrace them!

Join us for a night where indulgences take over Science After Hours. Learn how to sound better when singing karaoke or discover how drunk you really were last weekend. Explore why it’s better to leave that red, crater-sized pimple alone instead of popping it and that it really is better for your skin to let scabs be. So you have a voice of an angel when you’re belting your favorite song? Let’s hear it! Sing a way in Autotune Karaoke. Is your body imprinted into the couch cushion? Test your TV aptitude in a game of Quizzo…. better start brushing up your favorite TV flicks!

We hope to see you on this indulgent night for adults only at The Franklin Institute!

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