Science After Hours

Monster Mash Up

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

2nd Floor

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Monster Mash Up

Indulge in all things that go bump in the night in this Halloween-themed Science After Hours. From Freddy Kruger to Frankenstein, discover the truth behind your favorite movie monster myths, and learn how biology and forensics makes these villains tick. 

Test your predator prowess as you match gruesome characteristics with the correct movie monsters, build a structure that can withhold the wrath of Godzilla, and explore the effects of adrenaline on the mind and body. Who ya gonna call? Put your ghostbusting skills to the test and make (and take!) your own ectoplasm, and see how a GIANT gps quadrotor with thermal imaging maps out its prey environment.

Join us for an evening of goolish fun and take part in some not-so-spooky science, too! Costumes are welcome, but please no face masks.

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$15.00 Non-Members

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