Science After Hours

Science of the Circus: Fire-Breathers & Funnel Cake

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm

3rd Floor

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Science of the Circus: Fire-Breathers & Funnel Cake

For one night only, step right up to an adults-only circus full of flips, tricks, and wonder, and discover the scientific secrets behind your favorite circus acts—both past and present! Join us for an evening of carnival-inspired demonstrations and activities:

Step right up for a LIVE sideshow filled with squirm-inducing feats presented by The Olde City Sideshow! Prepare yourself for stomach-twisting acts including fire breathing, the Human Blockhead, Bed of Nails, Mental Floss, and Eye Hooks—just to name a few. Enter, if you dare…

If you survive the Sideshow, see how these feats are accomplished! Join our Traveling Science Show team and Rowan University as they electrify audiences, explain how to crack that whip, comfortably lie on a bed of nails, and other great acts.

High-flying activities abound with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts! Test your balance on the low tightrope (no harnesses here), fly through the air on the aerialist rig, and sharpen your coordination skills as you master the art of juggling.

What’s a circus without carnival games? Test your aim with good, old-fashioned balloon darts, and learn the proper techniques to conquering the ring toss and winning the milk bottle throw.

Funnel cake, cotton candy and hotdogs, oh my! From the science of deep-frying to the anatomy of America’s favorite ballpark treat, explore the mechanics behind your favorite eats!

Don’t miss out on the action—all of our high-flying activities are first come, first served, and pants and closed-toe shoes are recommended for the aerialist and tightrope attractions.

Ticket Prices:

$15.00 Non-Members

$10.00 for Members

All Attendees must be 21+

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