Escape Room Teambuilding Options

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It only takes 60 minutes to break down barriers and bring your team together.

Escape Rooms at The Franklin Institute are the perfect solution to your organization’s teambuilding goals. In just 60 minutes, our fun, interactive, inclusive Escape Rooms break down communication barriers, release inhibitions, spark critical and innovative thinking, and increase productivity in teams of all backgrounds.

Created by an expert team of engineers, UX specialists, artists, and educators, our games are crafted by the psychology of group dynamics and intentionally calibrated to bring out the best in your employees. Utilizing humor, positivity, and universally recognized pop culture references, your team won’t even realize that they are increasing motivation, improving performance, and setting the building blocks for success—all they’ll be able to think about is how much fun they are having!

Escape Rooms at The Franklin Institute address the following teambuilding goals:

  1. Aligning around goals

The team won’t be able to ‘win’ the games until they’ve learned to align around shared goals and work collaboratively to solve them. By practicing this alignment in a low-stakes, fun environment, your team will be building the skills they need to align behind larger corporate goals in the future.

  1. Building effective working relationships

Communication and understanding are the keys to building effective working relationships. Escape Rooms allow team members to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a setting that is inclusive and safe. On the next big project, your employees will be able to apply this knowledge to better delegate, collaborate, and communicate and tackle the challenges they face.

  1. Reducing team members’ role ambiguity

Does your team struggle to know who is responsible for what? Are there internal conflicts over ownership or responsibility? Escape Rooms at The Franklin Institute are unlike any other Escape Room experience, built specifically to give each player a role in the game that only they can complete. The team cannot win until each player completes their task—and each player must learn to respect and understand the role of their fellow players, a skill that is essential to effective collaboration on any working team.

  1. Finding solutions to team problems

After your team successfully rigs the navigation system on a shipwreck to escape a remote island or restores the balance of the space/time continuum through a portal to a parallel universe, tackling any problems at the office will feel like a breeze!

It’s a no-brainer, really. Escape Rooms at The Franklin Institute are the most fun, most effective way to bring your employees together in a way that increases productivity, inspires innovation, and builds bonding.

PLUS! The Franklin Institute is the only Escape Room location in Philadelphia with access to state-of-the-art meeting spaces, a full conference center, award-winning catering services, and more. It is easy to build a full corporate retreat day at the museum, where your organization can achieve all your goals at once.

We are happy to customize your experience to meet your goals! Call us at 215.448.0900

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