Night Skies @ Home

Night Skies @ Home

Go LIVE with our Chief Astronomer!

Join us on Facebook monthly at 7:45 PM. (Link opens in new window)

Stargazers of all ages are invited to our favorite monthly virtual event! Join us as we tour the cosmos, stare at the stars, and be amazed by astronomy—no telescopes needed. Bring your questions, satisfy your curiosity, and learn from the best!

February 2
Astronomy events and what to look for - and NOT to look for!

March 2
Sci-fi books and the seeds of truth that they start from

April 6
Biggest astronomy myths

May 4
Best places to stargaze In and outside Philadelphia, plus local astronomy star parties

June 8
Summer Solstice and seasons on other planets

July 6
Behind the scenes of building The Franklin Institute's new Space exhibit

August 3
Careers in astronomy - starting with Derrick Pitts!

September 7
Sci-fi movies and the seeds of truth that they start from

October 5
Our Space exhibit is officially open! Plus, get ready for Halloween...

November 2
Future of space exploration

December 7
Notable events and discoveries from 2023