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Tech Studio

Show off your engineering skills in Tech Studio. Design, build, and test the most efficient spinning top or construct a K'Nex aircraft that can safely land on the runway. How does 3D printing work? What is it used for? Hear stories from real engineering students and professionals about their experiences and learn about other inventive projects like a crowdsourced ultra-fast "hyperloop" transport or robotic rovers.

Tech Studio - 3D Printed Motorcycle

Marvel at the World's First 3D Printed Motorcycle
Created by TE Connectivity, it is recognized by Guiness World Records as the world's first functional 3D printed motorcycle.

Tech Studio - Robotic Arm

See a KUKA KR 60 Industrial Robotic Arm Up Close
Robots like this are often used in manufacturing to assemble machine parts, including car frames and giant aircraft.
(FI Cat. #2021-004)

Tech Studio - 3D Printer Close Up

Observe 3D Printers in Action
Watch 3D printers build objects right before your eyes! But it might take longer than you'd expect.

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