Visitors enjoying the permanent exhibit, Changing Earth. The giant globe in the center of the exhibit can be seen prominently.

Changing Earth

Experience the ever-changing attributes of Earth. Identify how tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanoes, air pressure, storms, and precipitation influence Earth's various natural systems. Learn how these powerful forces constantly transform our planet. How do dams and water volume affect river flow and erosion? How are buildings constructed to withstand earthquakes? Explore how our response to Earth's changes will impact our future and discover how your choices impact our future Earth.

Teenage girl recording her own weather forcast in Changing Earth at The Franklin Institute.

Deliver a Weather Forecast on TV
Driving rains, heavy snow, extreme heat—step "on camera" and deliver a live TV weather report that impacts people's lives.

A kid learning about their carbon footprint in the Changing Earth exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Discover your own carbon footprint by answering questions about your lifestyle. Learn how you can make small changes today that will have big effects on our future.     

Children playing with the stream table interactive in the Changing Earth exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Experiment with River Flow at the Stream Table
Observe the flow of water as you build land formations and add objects to discover how the flow will adjust and change in response to the environment.

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