Understanding the Brain

Photo of Group of Students in Understand the Brain Workshop

A dynamic learning series dedicated to empowering educators with critical knowledge in neuroscience to make informed, research-based decisions that advance student learning.

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CORE WORKSHOPS (5 hours each) 

Part 1 - Becoming a Learning Scientist
Debunk prevalent myths about the brain as you learn about the structure and function of our most powerful organ. This workshop includes an exploration of the award-winning Your Brain exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Part 2 - Curiosity, Multisensory Learning, and Taking Breaks
Discover how curiosity, multisensory learning, and taking breaks enhance learning for students. Begin to apply your knowledge as you adapt classroom curricula to maximize student learning and engagement.

Part 3 - Social-Emotional Learning, Growth Mindset, and MultitaskingLearn the science of how emotions, praise, and multitasking influence students’ learning, mindset, and achievement in school. In this final session, complete and present adapted curricula with colleagues and create a plan for sustaining use of research-based strategies in the classroom.

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