Carts, Demonstrations, and Attractions

Ben Franklin Multimedia Show

See a video and light show in the Franklin Memorial.

Brain Freeze Cart

Learn about how your mind is really playing tricks on you through activities looking at the science of optical illusions and synesthesia.

Carnival of Machines Show

Explore the concepts of work and the physics of motion in this dynamic live show.

CBS 3 Weather Show

Make a cloud, explore thunder and lightning, experience the chilling effects of wind and water and even create a twister on stage!

Chemical Reactions Show

Discover the many different forms that chemical reactions can take. Explore the fabrication of polymers, test for acids and bases, and learn how these reactions take place.

Chemistry Show

Everything in life uses chemistry! In this vibrant and dynamic show, students will experience what it takes to create some of the different chemical reactions that impact their daily life today. This show is sure to end with a BANG!

Current Science Cart

Get an inside look at current events in science with special activities based on what is in the news.

Eye Dissection

Join us as we learn how your own eyes work as you watch the dissection of a real cow's eye.

Game Masters

Heart Dissection

Learn how your own heart works as you watch the dissection of a real sheep's heart.

Life in Space Show

Discover what life is like for an astronaut working and living in Earth’s orbit in this cosmic live science show.

Liquid Air Show

Take part in some chilling science with liquid nitrogen to see how ultra-cold temperatures change the ways that familiar materials behave.

Paper Making Cart

Try your hand at making a piece of paper to take home using pulp made from recycled materials.

Puzzle Cart

Test your skills with a series of classic puzzles.

Solar Car Races

Presented by the Philadelphia Solar Energy Association since 1994, the Junior Solar Sprint is a competition where 5th – 8th grade students design, build, and race model electric cars powered by solar panels.

Solar Observing

Take a look at the sun through our historic Zeiss refracting telescope and learn more about telescopes and astronomy. (Weather Permitting)

Spin Ride

Experience the laws of motion and rotation and discover how they are related.

Stellar Science Cart

Learn all about the science of space with several out-of-this-world activities.

Super Small Science Cart

Discover science at the nano level with activities designed to explain how researchers are developing some seriously small technology.

Tech Studio

The Tech Studio is an interactive space where learners of all ages and backgrounds can develop skills in technology, engineering, and design. Through machine demonstrations, interactive workshops, and drop-in activities, the Tech Studio encourages new ways of thinking to all who enter.

The Tech Studio is sponsored by Solid Technologies and Makerbot.

Tesla Coil

Join us for a demonstration of our very own Tesla Coil to experience the raw power of electricity.

The Brain Bar

Explore the various parts of your brain and learn how it differs from the brains of other animals.

The Heart Bar

Discover the cutting edge research into the human heart and the technologies that scientists are developing to fight heart disease.

The Science of Combustion Show

Discover the science behind the boom thanks to the main ingredients of combustion -- energy, fuel and oxygen. This show is sure to begin and end with a bang!

The Science of Fireworks Show

Learn what gives fireworks their color and what makes them sparkle and whistle. Uncover the chemistry of pyrotechnic explosions through dynamic, vibrant demonstrations.

Ultrasound Demonstration

Take part in a demonstration of the ultrasound machine while learning the basic principles of medical imaging using ultrasound technology. See inside your own body using our ultrasound device.

Van de Graaff Generator Demonstration

Learn about static electricity and what happens when it builds up in this shocking demonstration.

Young Scientists Area

A special programming space for our youngest scientists, under the age of 8, and their families to explore and learn about astronomy and engineering. Activities include space-themed story time, building challenges with LEGO® bricks, and other hands-on learning experiences.