The Franklin Institute

Some New(ton) Updates for Sir Isaac's Loft

overview shot of Sir Isaac's Loft exhibit at The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is in the midst of some exciting changes, one of which involves the classic favorite, Sir Isaac's Loft. Here's what's new:

The Main Change

Three huge devices were removed from the exhibit. After years of captivating visitors, it was time for a change. But if you missed The Bowling Ball of Doom, Play Catch, and the original Newton's Dream, don't worry!

In their place is a fascinating new ball machine. Built by George Rhoads, this showstopper kinetic sculpture involves dozens of acrylic golf balls traveling up spiral elevators, down twisty slides, and all around through crazy whirly chutes, spinners, and hyperbolic funnels. Currently, visitors can submit name ideas for the new machine in the submission box beside it.

ball moving up on ball machine at The Franklin Institute

What else is there?

The amazement doesn't stop at the new ball machine. Make sure to check out one of our favorites, Chain Reactions. Create your own chain reaction by setting up dominoes in any design you like! And the best part? When you tip over the first domino, the camera above records your reaction and adds it to past visitors' chain reactions on the screen.

Test your strength with the giant lever and see if you can lift the 500 lb. box! Tap into your artistic side with the sand pendulum. See if you can figure out how the optical illusions work. With so much going on, you'll be sure to lose track of time in this exciting exhibit!

Happy experimenting!

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August 31, 2018, 12:03pm