The Franklin Institute

Susan Poulton

Susan Poulton is the President of Door 44 Digital and was the Chief Digital Officer of the Franklin Institute from 2015-2018. Her passion is inspiring and awakening curiosity in any audience and moving them to action through digital experiences and storytelling.

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Susan has eighteen years of digital media strategy experience, working with organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She spent seven years as Vice President of Digital Media for the National Geographic Society and prior to that spent nine years at America Online specializing in large-scale digital live event and content production. She has participated on numerous panels and advisory boards and was an Innovator in Residence at University of Nebraska, Lincoln lecturing on tactics for maximizing consumer engagement to create meaningful digital experiences.

An avid traveler, photographer, and space enthusiast, Susan spends her spare time photographing rocket launches the night sky. When she’s not looking skyward, she volunteers to provide media and digital training to non profit organizations around the world and works to empower young people through a variety of photographic and media projects, including as an instructor for National Geographic Photo Camp. She’s currently working on a project to document her attempt to summit the highest points in all 50 states in the U.S. to share her personal journey of health and fitness.