The Franklin Institute Awards Class of 2021

Introducing the 2021 Class of Franklin Institute Awards Laureates

We hope you will join us in congratulating our 2021 class of laureates for their remarkable achievements during our virtual celebration on April 29, 2021

Kunihiko Fukushima, 2021 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science
Arthur D. Levinson, 2021 Bower Award for Business Leadership
Kizzmekia S. Corbett, 2021 Benjamin Franklin NextGen Award
Roberto Car and Michele Parrinello, 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry
Barbara H. Partee, 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science
Monica G. Turner, 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Science
Jeremy Nathans, 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science
C. Daniel Mote, 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering
Henry C. Kapteyn and Margaret M. Murnane, 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics

Now in its 197th year, The Franklin Institute Awards pays tribute to our namesake and America’s first great scientist, Benjamin Franklin, by honoring the greatest minds in science, engineering, and industry. Our newest laureates are making our world safer, healthier, and more connected. They made revolutionary advances in laser technology, learned how forests recover from fires, uncovered the mechanisms behind color vision, and laid the foundation for artificial intelligence. Their work enables technologies never before thought possible and helps us better understand our planet and ourselves. They are mentors and role models for the next generation of science and engineering trailblazers. They are creating a better future for us all.

Join us for a virtual celebration on April 29, 2021. For event and sponsorship information, click here.

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