Additional Attractions

Ent Simulator

Still want more? These additional attractions are not for everyone, but you just might want to try something unforgettable while you're here!

Max Flight Simulator
You be the pilot as you take on sharp banks, 360-degree rolls, and sky loops! Hold on to your seats and experience screaming dives of pulse-pounding aerial combat. Located inside Franklin Air Show, Max Flight takes you into a virtual world of flight training and aerobatic maneuvers!
Cost: $5 plus General Museum Admission
Riders must be 50 inches tall. Footwear restrictions apply.

Blue Angels Adventure Flight Simulator
Step into the pilot seat and fly alongside an actual U.S. Navy Blue Angel. Hold tight as you pitch, roll, and yaw over the Golden Gate Bridge! Feel the blasts of air as other pilots swoosh by and grab the edge of your seat as you soar straight up into the air and eventually, land back on solid ground.
Cost: $5 plus General Museum Admission
Riders must be at least 38 inches tall.