2018 Extended Summer Hours

Beginning July 5th, 2018, the Operating hours for the General Museum will be 9:30am–7:00pm

Operating hours for the Game Masters exhibit will be 9:30am–8:00pm

Last entry for the Game Masters exhibit will be 6:30pm

Extended hours will end August 31st  

On July 24th and August 28th the entire Museum will close at 5:00pm, including GameMasters:

  • July 24th               *Science After Hours     
  • August 28th          *Science After Hours

On certain evenings when there is a planned Event, the General Museum will close at 5pm and Game Masters will remain open until 8:00pm. Those Dates are:

  • July 10th
  • July 14th          
  • July 16th
  • July 17th                *Community Night
  • July 18th                                                        
  • July 30th  
  • July 31st
  • August 2nd                              
  • August 4th                                                                   
  • August 5th
  • August 8th
  • August 11th
  • August 18th
  • August 21st           *Community Night
  • August 22nd
  • August 25th