Breaking the Water Barrier


  • books from the library on hydrofoils and conventional ships
  • paper and pencils
  • colored marking pens
  • poster boards


one As a class visit the library and check out books on conventional ships and hydrofoils. Have the students do a comparison study of how the two ships are made and how they perform.

two Discuss in class the findings of the students about the two types of ships. Also, share with the class the information you have on hydrofoils from the Teacher's Text.

three Discuss the Bernoulli's Principle and how it applies to both types of ships.

four Break the class into two groups. The first group will concentrate on the conventional ships and the second group will do their study on the hydrofoils. Ask each group to gather as much information about their particular ship: how they are built, how they run, how they perform in comparison to the other, the cost to build, operate, and run. Also, include the comfort level of the two ships and their limitations.

five Ask each group to design and draw their particular ship and label all the qualities of their ship. Have each group choose two people to represent themselves to the rest of the class. Give each group 15 minutes to present their findings to the class as a whole.

six Display the charts of both teams on a Bulletin Board.

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