The Sail and the Wind


  • pictures of sailboats on the seas or lakes
  • art paper, pencils, and marking pens
  • rulers


one Discuss the principles of how the wind affects the sails of the sailing craft, including the Word to Know Terms, Teacher Text, and Bernoulli's Principle. Simplify concepts for the younger students.

two View the books with pictures of the sailboats on the seas or lakes, describing the terms discussed under number one in relationship to the pictures of the sailboats.

three Ask the students to draw a sailboat and label the various parts of the ship in relationship to the wind.

four Ask the students to write a brief description under the parts they have labeled on their drawing of the sailboat.

five Have the students write a brief essay describing the movement of the sailing ship through the water with the winds, highlighting Bernoulli's Principles.

six Ask for volunteers to share their pictures and essays in front of class.

seven Place the pictures on a Bulletin Board for display.

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