Riding in a Pack


  • bicycles
  • helmets
  • stopwatch
  • clipboard to record times
  • safe track to ride bicycles on


one Discuss the dynamics that are present when riding in a bicycle pack. Also discuss the various positions within the pack and how they effect the individual rider.

two Discuss safety tips and make sure that each student is wearing a helmet.

three Proceed to the track where you will be riding the bicycles. Group the students in two groups according to biking ability.

four Have the first group begin riding on the track and after the first lap have them ease into a pack formation. Have them proceed around the track in the pack formation switching positions within the pack from front, to middle, to back. Be sure that you stress safety and remove any rider who is not adhering to the safety rules.

five Begin timing the racers after the second lap of pack formation and at the third lap blow the whistle that the last lap has begun. Take times beginning with the fourth lap observing where the riders are as they come into the finish line.

six Repeat the process with the second group. The group that is not riding can assist you with times and recording the results of the race.

seven Return to the classroom and discuss the dynamics that have taken place during the race and how being in a pack effects one's riding time and aerodynamic speed.

eight Ask each student to write a one page essay on how it felt to ride in a pack and access the draft that is created in the pack formation. Have them read their essays to the rest of the class.

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