The Frisbee Toss


  • several Frisbees (different sizes if available)
  • outdoor field


one Discuss with the class the definitions according to the grade level appropriateness. Go into the basic aerodynamic forces that cause a Frisbee when thrown with a spinning motion to "fly" through the air.

two Take the class outside and divide the group into teams of four students each. Give each team one Frisbee.

three Have each team throw the Frisbee between them for 10-15 minutes. Have them try different techniques according to their ability levels. Examples would be: low to the ground, tossing it high into the air, spinning clockwise and counterclockwise.

four Have the students try different size Frisbees in the next 10 minute segment.

five Stop and discuss on the playing field as a group for a few minutes what they are experiencing as they throw the Frisbee.

six Continue throwing the Frisbee for 10 more minutes.

seven Return to the classroom and have another discussion of the aerodynamic forces that are utilized when throwing the Frisbee. Ask the students to enhance their knowledge with the experience that they now have from throwing the Frisbee.

eight Ask the class to write a one page paper on their experience with the Frisbee throwing. For the younger children you can write it together, for the older students they can write it on their own.

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