The Aerodynamics of the Discus


  • cross-sectional pictures of discus
  • art paper, pencils, rulers
  • fine-tipped colored marking pens



Hold up pictures of discus and cross-sectional pictures of discus.

two Discuss the phenomenon that takes place when an athlete throws a discus including the Bernoulli Principle.

three Have a demonstration by a local high school athlete if one is available throwing the discus. Ask the athlete questions concerning his/her technique in throwing the discus.

four Also discuss the importance of the angle of attack when the discus is thrown, and how the spin is utilized in discus throwing to avoid a stall. (The spin gives the discus angular momentum).

five Ask the students to draw a cross-section picture of the symmetrical discus and label the component parts of Bernoulli's Principle that causes the discus to experience lift.

six Have the students share their drawings in front of class explaining the Bernoulli Principle that causes the discus to soar through the air.

seven Display the drawings on a bulletin board.

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