The Ride of the Cyclist


  • bicycles
  • cyclists' helmets
  • stop watch
  • area where it will be safe to race bicycles
  • clipboard to record findings


one Discuss with the students the aerodynamic benefits of sitting in certain positions when riding a bicycle. Also, discuss the safety and drag reduction when wearing a helmet and having certain type handlebars. Talk about the various bikes that are available today and their uses.

two Talk about safety ahead of time during the bicycle trials.

three Proceed to the area where you are going to race the bicycles.

four Have the area coned off where you want the students to race the bicycles. Have two students race at the same time and same distance, using similar bicycles and helmets. Have one student in the crouched position with a flat back and the other student sitting up straight. Observe what happens to the two cyclists. Who has the fastest time? (Pair the students up according to biking ability and speed ability.

five Repeat the race using two different types of bicycles, and one student wearing a helmet and the other one not. Have both students in the crouched position and time their speeds. (Pair the students up according to similar biking ability and speed ability).

six Use different combinations of testing until each student has an opportunity to participate at least twice. You can use students to assist you with timing and recording results.

seven Return to the classroom and discuss the dynamics that have taken place during the races. Chart the findings on a graph and display on a Bulletin Board.

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