The Flight of a Curve Ball


  • several baseballs
  • baseball field
  • paper and pencils
Flight of the Curve Ball Movies
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one Have a class discussion about the reality of curve balls in baseball, how and why it happens (Discuss the law of physics and how it applies to a curve ball). Also cover the various types of curve balls.

two Take the class to the baseball field and pair each of the students up with a partner.

three Give each pair a baseball and ask them to begin throwing the baseball back and forth to one another. Make sure that they are at a distance similar to the distance between a pitcher's mound and the batter's plate.

four After several minutes ask the students to apply the elementary dynamics of finger snapping and wrist twisting movement as the baseball is released. This is the elementary procedure of a curve ball.

five After 10 minutes gather the class together on the field and discuss their experiences of throwing a curve ball. Explain to them that it takes time and that during recess they can practice further. Also, go over the techniques of how to throw the various types of curve balls.

six Return to the fielded positions where the pairs were throwing the baseballs and tell them to try the various types of curve balls.

seven At the end of another 10 minutes return to the classroom and apply the law of physics to the students experiences on the field throwing the baseballs. In this way the students will 'experience the law of physics' for themselves.

eight Ask the students to write a one page report on their understanding of the 'law of physics' and how it applies to throwing a curve ball.

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