Observing Aquarium Fish

  • aquarium
  • aquarium rocks
  • several fish
  • fish food
  • water
  • notebooks
  • pencils
  • paper
Observing Aquarium Fish Movies
Click for QT movie. (540K)


one Set up aquarium together.

two Watch the fish swimming through the water for several minutes. Look at how their tails and fins move.

three These questions are tools to help the children in their observations. You can ask them while they are watching the fish
  • How does a fish push itself through the water?
  • Can a fish turn? How?
  • Can a fish stop? How?

four With a pencil, gently tap one side of the aquarium below the water level. How do the fish respond?

five Hold a sheet of paper against one side of the aquarium. Tap gently on the paper with a pencil. How do the fish respond?

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