Wing Shapes of Birds and Airplanes

  • books from the library on birds and airplanes
  • art paper
  • pencils, erasers, and marking pens

one As a class do reading together about how the wings of birds and airplanes are similar. Pay particular attention to the shape of the wings of certain birds and how airplanes mimic those shapes. Discuss how various shapes distinguish the abilities of the flight patterns.

two Show pictures to the class of various birds and airplanes and how some birds and airplanes can almost look alike in their flight.

three Pass out art paper, pencils, erasers, and marking pens. Have the students choose one type of bird and airplane and do a comparison drawing of the contour of their wings. Encourage the students to draw at least 3 or 4 pictures of various birds and airplanes wings that are similar.

four Have the students share their pictures with the other members of the class. Have them discuss their findings about the wing similarities between the bird and airplane type.

five Display the pictures on a bulletin board.

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