"Where Birds Live"

  • Map of the World
  • Birding Books
  • Flight Pattern Books of Birds
  • large white butcher paper
  • pencils and marking pens
  • erasers and rulers

    one Visit the library together to gather information about the birds around the world.

    two As a class discuss the flight patterns, migrating patterns, and habitats of birds around the world. Refer to the books that have been recommended in this lesson along with the books that the class finds at the library when you visit together.

    three Divide the class into teams of 5 students each. Each team will concentrate on one of the six biogeographical regions on the earth. Assign each team a region.

    four Have the students draw their region on a piece of the white butcher paper.

    five Have the students draw the birds that live in their region on the butcher paper. Note that some birds will migrate from one region to another region and then return at the close of the migrating season. Have the students label the birds that live in their region.

    six As a class put the six regions together and place on a bulletin board.

    seven Ask the teams to write up a report about the birds in their region including the habitat, habits, and characteristics of their birds. Then ask each team to present their findings to the rest of the class orally. Place the written reports under the bulletin board with the six regions of the earth.

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