"Parachute Man"

  • plastic grocery bag (with handles)
  • 6 inch action figure (Power Rangers, GI Joes, Super Heroes)

one Wrap and tie each bag handle securely to the arms of the action figure. (Hint: Start making the knot in the bag and slip the arm of the action figure before tightening the knot.

two Grab the bottom of the bag and squeeze all the air out.

three Wrap the bag around your hand until it forms a small bundle.

four Slip your hand out from the bundle.

Parachute Man Movie
Click for 133K QT movie.
Click for 96K QT movie.

five Outdoors, throw (underhand-style) the whole bundle straight up as high as you can.

six Extension: Use plastic film canisters partially filled with sand as weights for the parachute.

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