Paper Tail

  • sheet of papers
  • scissors
  • triangular cellophane tape
Paper Tail Movies
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one Using the pictures that you provide for the students have them determine the silhouettes of birds in flight.

two The students can project the silhouettes from your pictures of the birds onto a wall with an opaque projector and trace the projection onto construction paper.

three After tracing the projection of the bird in flight onto the construction paper, the students should cut out large-scale silhouettes of the birds in flight. (The students can use tracing paper to draw the shape of flight from the pictures you provide onto the construction paper as well.)

four The silhouettes can then be displayed from the ceiling on fishing wire. The top part of the fishing wire can be secured to the ceiling with a couple of pieces of electrician's tape.

five Each silhouette should be labeled. You may want the students to group the silhouettes by families to show the similarities.

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