"Paper Kites"

  • 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper ( ditto quality)
  • crayons or felt pens
  • curling ribbon (1 yd. per kite) or string
  • straw
  • scissors
  • tape
  • crepe streamer ( 1 yd. per kite)
Paper Kites Movies
Click for QT movie. (700K)
Click for QT movie. (360K)


one Draw a picture of a bird, bat or insect on one side of the kite paper. Notice the dotted lines.

two Fold the paper in half down the middle of the short side, picture side out.

three On the dotted line, fold the paper again.

four Turn your paper over and fold on the other dotted line.

five On the back side, tape the folded edges together.

six Near the top, tape a straw horizontally.

seven On the same side, tape the crepe streamer to the bottom of the paper.

eight Tape one end of the ribbon along the three dots with a piece of tape and turn your kite over.

nine Time to fly your kite!

ten Extension: Try different shapes of kites such as diamond, triangular, box, etc. to observe and experience different types of flight.

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