"The Flight of Birds"

  • notebook paper
  • pencils and pens
  • microscope
  • projector (if using slides)

    one Introduce a variety of birds in flight pictures. Ask the students to identify similarities in the various birds you show them.

    two If possible, use a live bird to point out the location of each type of feather (down, contour, and flight).

    three Ask the students to handle the various bones (chicken, pork, beef, and bird.) Have them compare their weights to illustrate that birds have very light-weight bones. Show the students a cross section of the bones and point out that the birds' bones are less dense because of the air spaces in them.

    four Discuss how the respiratory system in birds is designed to provide the large amount of oxygen needed to produce the energy for flight.

    five Ask the students to list ways on their notebook paper how birds are adapted for flight. Have them list as many characteristics that they can of how the bird is built for flight. Discuss these characteristics together as a class.

    six Pair the students up and ask each team to come up with at least 5 reasons why birds are so important to us.

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