"Bird Walk"

  • binoculars
  • "Bird Watcher" Badges: Made from construction paper


one Discuss with the children the various birds that you think you will encounter on your walks.

two Discuss with the children that while on the walk they will have to be very quiet so that the y will not scare the birds away. Also discuss the fact that they will not take a bird nest or eggs back to the class, but that it will be left in the habitat.

three Discuss with the children the habits of birds in general and their flying patterns. The Teac her Text will help with information on flight patterns. The library will have resources for general information on the habits of birds.

four Pair the children up into groups of two. Ask each group to walk and not to run before starti ng out. As a motivation to help the children to be quiet during the outing: give out a paper badge to thos e groups that listen and watch as they walk and observe the birds. Label the badges "Bird Watchers". These can be easily made by the teacher the day before out of construction paper.

five Because they will be going out for observation for 3 days you can either do it in succession or on ce a week for 3 weeks. Keep a log in the classroom of things that the children share when they return t o the classroom about the birds.

six As an extension you could have the children make a bulletin board display of birds that the y draw from their experience out on their walks.

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