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What is an Insect?

All around us there are tiny animals called insects. Scientists find so many new insects every year that they are amazed!


Insects have 3 main body parts. Those parts are called the head, the thorax ( chest area) and the abdomen( the tail end). The head has a pair of feelers or antennae on the front of it. The thorax has 6 legs connected to it for moving and also, a pair of wings for flying. Inside the thorax , there are lots of muscles to help the legs and wings to work.

Parts of an insect

Insects wings are very thin so the poor insect must beat (or flap) their wings very fast so that they can really take off to fly. Insects can twist and turn their wings which helps them to stay in one spot ( hover) up in the air or even fly backwards.

Insects fly for many reasons. Sometimes they need to get away from a creature that wants to eat them, to find better food, or to find an insect to mate with.

Butterflies and Moths

Many insects such as the Butterfly and the Moth go through 4 stages of growing. They go from being an egg (egg) to being like a worm (larva) then go to a homemade sleeping bag (pupa) where the insect takes a nap. Finally the new insect will break out of their sleeping bag(pupa) and is now an adult insect.

Butterfly wings can have tiny dust on it but that helps them to have pretty colors and patterns on their wings.


Butterflies can fly just as well as birds and can even do trick flying. They also can fly for a long time looking for a warm place to have families.. They fly in big groups of insects.

Ancient Insects

Insects have been here since early dinosaur days and have been flying for a long time even before some birds could fly. We still have all the insects from one age called the Triassic Age to this day.

Just as insects do today, insects helped to make flowering plants live longer and better by pollinating them.

Whether we look at the very old insects of the dinosaur days or the flying insects of today, they can help us to learn more about how other creatures fly too.

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