Wright Again

Wright Again

The Boys Little Gas Motor - Friday, February 13, 1903

The History: Bishop Milton Wright's diary for Friday, February 13, 1903 includes this amusing notation.

"Weather mild. Wrote letters. Called at Seitters' to see Mrs. Agnes Swank in the forenoon. Mr. Larue died suddenly, this morning. I called there a few minutes. The boys broke their little gas motor in the afternoon. Mr. Geo. L. Larue was once Auditor of Hamilton Co., Ohio. Lived on Hawthorne St. [Same street on which the Wrights lived.] Protocols between Venezuela and the allies were signed.

The motor is the gasoline engine that the bishop's sons, "the boys" Wilbur and Orville Wright, are developing for their new machine which will successfully fly on December 17, 1903. Amidst reflecting on the weather, current political events and church-related visits, the bishop makes this innocent comment as if these were little boys playing with a new toy. It appears to be "just another day" in the life of the inventors of the first airplane.

Quotation from the book Diaries 1857-1917 by Bishop Milton Wright.

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