Wright Again

Wright Again

Testing Lamson's Machine - Monday, October 13, 1902

The History: In his personal dairy, Orville reported that his brother, Lorin, headed back home for Dayton, Ohio today. The first leg of Lorin's trip would be via the schooner, Lou Willis. Wilbur saw him off.

Augustus Herring, George Spratt and Orville spent the morning putting together Chanute's oscillating wing machine built by Charles Lamson.

Wilbur returned and in the afternoon group (Herring, Spratt, Chanute Orville and Wilbur Wright) took the oscillating wing machine to a small hill. In a wind of 9 meters/second the machine was flown both as a kite and with Herring on it. Orville noted that these flights were "just partly free". Herring's longest glide was about 50 feet.

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