Wright Again

Wright Again

The New Vertical Tail; Testing Chanute's Machine - Monday, October 6, 1902

The History: After breakfast, Wilbur went to Kitty Hawk to make arrangements with Captain Midgett to deliver Lamson's machine, groceries and supplies. The men at the Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station gave Wilbur "a large mess of bluefish and spots [possibly spotfin, a type of chub]".

They finished the changes to the new vertical rudder (tail) and its controls, now integrated with the wing twisting mechanisms to turn the glider in flight. The tail is now one surface and 6 feet tall.


September, 1902 Original 2 Piece Fixed Tail Acted Like A Boat's Keel


October, 1902 The New Vertical Tail Acts Like A Rudder

Augustus Herring put Octave Chanute's multiple-wing machine together today. Orville reported in his diary that the multiple-wing machine was tested in the evening. The multiple-wing machine has horizontal and vertical tails and its wings' surface area is 150 square feet. During Herring's second glide after travelling about 20 feet he landed on the right wing and part of the lower surface broke. Orville recorded that this occurred in a 5 meters/second wind at a 12 1/2° angle moving at about 16-18 miles/hour. They repaired the wing, built another cot "upstairs" and rearranged the camp so that the multiple-wing machine could be stored easier.

Alas, Orville noted in his diary, "The smart little mouse was found dead under trunk."

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