Wright Again

Wright Again

A Figure In The Distance - Tuesday, September 30, 1902

The History: At 10:30 in the morning, just as the brothers prepared to test fly the glider on Big Hill they saw two "heavily laden persons making across the sand from the sound for the camp". They thought one of the individuals was George Spratt, but it was their older brother, Lorin. Lorin had left Dayton earlier than they expected.

At 11 A. M., they recorded the wind speed as 5 meters/second. Although the wind was blowing at 8-9 meters/second [a reasonable speed for gliding], the wind kept shifting direction to the south. The hill slopes in this direction were inadequate for gliding. They returned to their camp and build Lorin a bed.

Here is a sample of their gliding tests today. (WW is Wilbur Wright and OW is Orville Wright.)

Distance [feet]
Time [seconds]
183   6°50´
191 8 1/5 5°25´
145 7 2/5 6°20´
78 5 6°20´
150 8 6°10´
132 5 3/4 5°40´
162 Very fast:
25 ft. per. sec.

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