Wright Again

Wright Again

Chanute And Herring Prepare To Leave For Kitty Hawk - Sunday, September 28, 1902

The History: Octave Chanute responded to Wilbur's letters of September 21st and September 23rd which he received on the same day.

Chanute tells Wilbur that he and Mr. Herring will leave for Norfolk on October 1st taking the "Big Four & Ches [Chesapeake] & Ohio" [trains]. They will leave for Manteo during the afternoon of October 3rd. If Wilbur needs any supplies while Chanute is in Elizabeth City he should leave a letter at the boat office. Chanute will wire Wilbur to keep him posted on their arrival time. They will get a boat on October 4th to take them to the Outer Banks.

They will bring blankets and either hammocks to sleep in or canvas to make cots.


Map Of Elizabeth City And Outer Banks, North Carolina Area

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