Wright Again

Wright Again

Orville Swears Vengeance - Saturday, September 27, 1902

The History: Since Orville's accident in the glider on Tuesday the Wrights have been repairing the broken ribs and spars of the machine.

Yesterday, Wilbur finished the repairs while Orville spent most of the day building a mouse trap. The creature "has been annoying us by prowling about our kitchen shelves at night", Orville wrote.

However, at 11 o'clock last night while Orville was asleep the mouse walked across Orville's face. In his personal diary, Orville reported, "I found on getting up that the little fellow had only come to tell me to put another piece of corn bread in the trap. He had disposed of the first piece. I have sworn "vengeance" on the little fellow for this impudence and insult."

The weather made gliding conditions unfavorable. Orville wrote that the winds varied all day, moving first in one direction than another until they had made a complete circle once or twice. Although they took the machine out for some glides in the afternoon the wind was light and from a direction making takeoff difficult and landing dangerous.

Orville was known as the prankster in the family and loved to tease people. This passage truly demonstrates his sense of humor as he writes about "waging war" against a mouse.

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