Wright Again

Wright Again

High Winds - Sunday, September 14, 1902

The History: Orville's personal journal reported strong winds shook their house and lowered the temperature. During the day they visited an abandoned house at Hamans Bay.

Orville watched a small flock of birds fly east towards a large hill. The winds drifted the birds (probably gulls) to the southwest. The flock turned in small circles rising higher and higher until they disappeared from sight.

Octave Chanute replied to Wilbur's letters of September 5 and September 12, 1902. Mr. Herring will be traveling with (and testing) Chanute's machines; Mr. Avery is too busy.

Chanute tells Wilbur he is concerned that he has not heard from Charles Lamson who is building and should have shipped Chanute's oscillating wing machine to Kitty Hawk.

Chanute asks Wilbur to let him know "the exact day on which you will prefer our visit" and what materials they should bring to camp for themselves or the Wrights.

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