Wright Again

Wright Again

Directions To Kill Devil Hills - Tuesday, September 2, 1902

The History: Orville's personal diary tells us "Continued raising of house & sawing of lumber."

The Wrights continued to restore their 1901 camp building from the damage it suffered during the past year and construct the new addition.

Today, Wilbur wrote to Octave Chanute about their journey from Dayton, Ohio to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. He tells Chanute the boat trip from Elizabeth City to Kitty Hawk [a distance of less than 50 miles] took them 36 hours. [See August 26th, August 27th and August 28th.]


Map From Dayton, Ohio To Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

The repair to the damage of their 1901 campsite building has dominated their time. The damage "... let the ends [of the campsite building] drop down two feet, thus giving the roof a shape like that of a dromedary's [a one-humped camel] back." The Wrights have added foundation posts to support the existing building and will use foundation posts in the construction of their new addition.


.. Giving the Roof a Shape Like a Dromedary's Back

Wilbur tells Chanute that the weather has been good "and mosquitoes conspicuous only from the scarcity".

Wilbur suggests Chanute come to the campsite October 1st. The boat which ferries travelers during the summer from Nags Head has just discontinued its scheduled. Chanute will need to take a small boat from Roanoke Island. The Wrights can make arrangements to have a boat pick him up if Chanute can give them a day or two notice.

Nags Head was a 100-year old resort area on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Small cottages looked onto Roanoke Island. As we have seen this area was not an easy place to get to. Vacationers brought whatever they needed for the summer with them. This included furniture, horses, buggies, mules and chickens.

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