Wright Again

Wright Again

Setting Up Camp .... The Cleanup Begins - Friday, August 29, 1902

The History: Yesterday, the Wrights arrived at the campsite and discovered their building needed repair.

Today, the Wrights cleaned and arranged their kitchen and drove a 16-foot well. The well supplied their water.

The 1901 glider, which had been stored in the campsite building since last year, was taken outside during the cleanup and restoration. While outside, the wind raised the glider off the ground. "... and came bouncing over & over towards the camp. Knocked prop from one end of the door, and was stopped after going about 150 ft. and breaking one upper spar", Orville recorded in his diary.

The Wrights intended on living in comfort this year at their campsite. In the past years they had slept in tents and been mercilessly plagued by mosquitoes. The name Kitty Hawk is believed to be derived from the name mosquito (or "skeeter") hawk, a dragonfly which inhabited the area (and ate mosquitoes and other insects).

However, to make themselves comfortable they needed to build everything themselves including a well to provide them water. Wilbur later wrote their sister, Katharine, that their well was "the best in Kitty Hawk".

The "prop" referred to is not a propeller. The 1901 machine was a glider and did not have a propeller. This most likely refers to using a support placed up against the door to prop it up while repairs were made to the building.

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