Wright Again

Wright Again

Their Lucky Day - Tuesday, August 26, 1902

The History: Orville's diary tells us the brothers reached Norfolk, Virginia at 11 A.M. and left for Elizabeth City, North Carolina at 4 P.M. They arrived at Elizabeth City at 5:45 P.M.

In a letter to his father on August 31, 1902, Wilbur goes into more detail about the trip. He tells his father they had a "very nice trip" from Dayton to Elizabeth City. Once in Elizabeth City, they found Captain Franklin Midgett and his schooner the Lou Willis at the wharf (located across the street from the train station). Midgett was preparing to leave for Kitty Hawk at 4 A.M. the next morning (Wednesday) and agreed to transport the Wrights.


Map From Dayton, Ohio To Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

The brothers rushed back to the train station to get their belongings out of the baggage room and the freight they had shipped earlier in the month before it closed at 6 P.M.

Most of the stores were closing as well, but Orville raced from store to store until he found someone willing to reopen and sell him a portable oven. "By extraordinary luck" they were able to buy gasoline from the men leaving the Standard Oil Company warehouse.

They found a grocery store open and they bought some cans of baking powder. (Orville was known for making biscuits). Wilbur tells his father "It was long after dark before we got our things aboard the boat."

Octave Chanute responds to Wilbur's letter of August 14th. He explains that the oscillating wing machine Charles Lamson was constructing for Chanute may have been shipped to Kitty Hawk already.

The multiple wing machine Augustus Herring was rebuilding for Chanute "is finished and crated". Chanute has asked Herring to ensure the machine is shipped to Kitty Hawk around September 1st.

Chanute asks Wilbur if he would prefer Mr. Herring or Mr. William Avery to test Chanute's machines at Kitty Hawk.

Chanute tells Wilbur he has a letter from Major Hermann Moedebeck. The Wrights agreed to include drawings of their 1901 machine as part of a chapter Chanute is contributing to Moedebeck's aviation book. Chanute asks Wilbur if he has sent the drawings.

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