Wright Again

Wright Again

Planning for Kitty Hawk - Sunday, July 27, 1902

The History: Wilbur writes Octave Chanute that he has received a letter from Mr. Bill Tate of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. (Tate has helped the Wrights in their testing each year.) Tate has obtained permission for the Wrights to construct new buildings for their camp this year. The Wrights will not need to pay rent. Tate also wrote Wilbur that they are fewer mosquitoes in Kitty Hawk this year. Wilbur is thrilled!

Wilbur tells Chanute that October 1st might be an appropriate time for his visit at Kitty Hawk.

Wilbur also tells Chanute that he and Orville appreciate Chanute's interest in expanding their business and would "give most careful consideration" to his suggestions. (Wilbur is referring to Chanute's ideas on a carriage heater and a refrigeration unit.)

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