Wright Again

Wright Again

Ivonette Wright - Sunday, June 29, 1902

The History: Bishop Milton Wright (Orville and Wilbur's father) wrote in his diary that Lorin and Ivonette visited today and that "She [Ivonette] behaves so nicely!".

Who are Lorin and Ivonette?

The Wright's were a close family. Milton and Susan Wright had 7 children: Reuchlin born in 1861, Lorin (1862), Wilbur (1867), twins Otis and Ida (1870), who both died as infants, Orville (1871) and their sister Katharine (1874).

Their mother passed away on July 4, 1889, when Katharine was only 15. Milton Wright traveled quite a bit on church business. Lorin and Reuchlin both married and moved into homes of their own leaving Wilbur, Orville and Katharine in the house at 7 Hawthorne Street in Dayton, Ohio.

Although Wilbur and Orville never married they both had a lot of experience with children!. Lorin lived only a few blocks away and had 4 children who visited often: Leontine, Ivonette, Milton and Horace. Orville, especially, never seemed too tired to play.

While their uncles were in Europe, Leontine wrote them and asked to be the first girl in America to fly. In August, 1911 while their cousin Bertha (Reuchlin's daughter) visited, Orville took each one of them for a flight one at a time. Leontine was first!

Mrs. Ivonette Wright Miller later served as the "semi-official" Wright family historian. Her husband, Harold S. Miller was a co-executor of Orville's estate. The forethought and care of the Wright family descendants has been critical in the preservation of their work.

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