Wright Again

Wright Again

The Busy Season In The Bicycle Shop - May 29, 1902

The History: In response to Chanute's letter of May 27th, Wilbur tells Octave Chanute that he and Orville had agreed to rebuild Chanute's two-surface and multiple-wing machines for "the good of the cause" (as a favor to Chanute and to advance knowledge). Wilbur tells Chanute that it is fine with the Wrights if someone else builds the machines. Wilbur writes, "To tell the truth, the building of machines for other men to risk their necks on is not a task that I particularly relish .... ".

Wilbur conveys their busy season in the bicycle shop is over and they wish they could spend July and August at Kitty Hawk. Unfortunately, due to the poor wind conditions they encountered those months last year at Kitty Hawk they will probably wait and travel between August 15 and September 15th.

Regarding Chanute's concern that publishing the drawings of the Wright's flying machine might give away too much information to competitors, Wilbur tells Chanute the drawings would need to be supplemented with a lengthy explanation on the machine's operating principles. Since this explanation will not be provided, Wilbur writes "... so our secrets are safe enough".

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