Wright Again

Wright Again

The Greatest Flying Creature - Sunday, December 21, 1902

The History: Octave Chanute replied to Wilbur's letter of December 11th. Chanute supports Wilbur's reply to Professor Samuel Langley's invitation to visit. He has told Langley the Wrights will not be able to meet since they are so busy. Chanute tells Wilbur he did not share the Wrights' plan go forth with a motor [and propeller] on their new heavier machine wuth Langley. Chanute is pleased that the Wrights will patent their invention and carry through their experiments.

Chanute mentions he could not find Maxim's and Lilienthal's machines mentioned in the Smithsonian pamphlet The Greatest Flying Creature. [Chanute did not understand Wilbur's joke.]

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