Wright Again

Wright Again

Wilbur's Defense - Wednesday, November 26, 1902

The History: In his diary, Bishop Milton Wright [Orville and Wilbur's father] noted that the investigation of mishandled church funds continued during the church conference. Wilbur had prepared a response on behalf of his father.

Bishop Wright also recorded that M. F. Keiter [the man involved in the mishandled funds and accused of forgery] had decided to sue nine individuals including the bishop for $11,000 in damages.

Developing a successful glider and flying machine is an incredible accomplishment! Moreover, it is important to remember that the development of these machines was not the Wrights' primary business. Gliding and flying experiments were reserved for a few months per year.

The Wright brothers' priorities were their business (the Wright Cycle Company) and their family. Just like many families today, they dealt with day-to-day family issues as well as difficult life problems. Yet in spite of these challenges they were able to focus on their flight experiments to their successful conclusion. More than once, Wilbur and Orville delayed their flight experiments to assist their father in this church matter.

The dispute would be settled in Bishop Wright's favor, however several years would pass before its resolution.

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