Wright Again

Wright Again

Wilbur Writes To The U.S. Weather Bureau - November 27, 1899

The History: "We have been doing some experimenting with kites, with a view to constructing one capable of sustaining a man. We expect to carry the experiment further next year. In the meantime we wish to obtain if possible a report of the wind velocities of Chicago or vicinity for the months of August, Sept., Oct. and November. Do any of the government publications contain such information? If so where may it be obtained? We would like if possible to obtain the average and maximum velocity of each a day, and chart of the wind fluctuations of the wind in velocities for a short period, say half an hour.

We learn from Mr. Bassler, your Cincinnati forecaster, that the Government has for several years been conducting kite experiments. If the results have been published we would like very much to obtain them." .... Wilbur Wright

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