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Writing Activities

Multiple Writing Activities

Outta Ray's Head
This site has a VERY LARGE group of suggestions for writing activities. Includes biographies, daily writing programs, writing folder checklists, opinions, paragraphs, reviews, story writing, turning photographs into writing, pen pals, mythological character research, etc. Most appear to be middle or secondary school level.
AskERIC Lesson Plans: Language Arts
A very large listing of all language arts lesson plans on file.
Writing Plans from the Teacher's Desk
A lot of interesting ideas here!
Educate the Children
A British twist on language arts. Click on any of the choices to get a variety of writing and reading lesson plans in PDF format. This site also has worksheets to print out.
These letters stand for write, revise, inform, think, and edit. This article on Education World has links to numerous language arts sites.
Writing Resources
This site has lots for middle school teachers.
Instructional Materials in Writing
This has a number of interesting ideas.
Yahoo! search results for "Writing Lesson Plans".
For those of you who haven't yet mastered the art of using search engines. A lot of links here.

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