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Writing Activities

Individual Writing Activities

Biography Maker
Have your students write another biography of this interesting Empress! A *VERY* good comprehensive site to help students write a biography. Even includes 6 traits of effective writing!
Planning a Trip
Have your students create an itinerary or brochure for an imaginary trip to France using this web site.
Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Do your students have an opinion about Josephine, her times or the clock? Use this format to help them write a paper which argues their point!
Paradigm Onine Writing Assistant
Another wonderful lesson idea on writing essays. Covers four types of essays: informational, thesis, argumentative, and exploratory.
Only a Matter of Opinion?
A ThinkQuest web site by high school students, this page offers guides for AP/IB writing on the subject of opinion. It has sections speaking specifically to teachers of journalism, English, composition, history and art. The period of French history from 1790 to 1820 is rich for this subject.
Point of View
This lesson plan involves creating a situation viewed from the point of view of 5 different characters. Use 5 different citizens living in France during the Revolution or Napoleon's invasion of most of Europe.
Create a Newspaper
Are your students studying the terrifying events of the French Revolution? If so, use this web site to have them create a newspaper in time.
New Writing
Another great lesson plan for writing news stories.
Creative Writing
This lesson plan uses photographs as a prompt for creative writing. Use the photo of the clock!
Haiku Poetry
There are many natural symbols on the clock that can be used in this inspirational lesson.
This type of writing can be funny, but it doesn't have to. If Josephine could have written an ode to her clock, what would she have written?
Adding Critical Thinking to your lesson plans
Are you planning on creating your own lesson plans for a writing activity? Here are some tips on how to include Bloom's Taxonomy or the multiple intelligences.
OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange
Writing successful paragraphs. (Same lesson plan found here, in case the link goes bad.) This short writing exercise involves creating a list of student wishes. This list can easily be related to the world that Josephine's clock came from.
for evaluating paragraphs.
PIZZAZ..Story Box
This writing activity for ESOL students involves pictorial prompts. Use the clock!
The Hamburger Homepage
Use this method to teach your students a complete research and writing guide.
APlus Research & Writing for High School
Here is another VERY extensive site which gives a step by step instruction for research papers.
 Principles of Composition
This site provides information on teaching the writing process.
This lesson plan uses pictures to connect to a state of mind, and then to words. Pictures from France during these tumultuous times would be fascinating.
WAC Writing Assignments
Stands for Writing across the curriculum. This site shows how to integrate writing with a lot of different topics.

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